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In the Spring of 2008, the farmers’ cooperative of Forli-Cesena & Rimini (the “Coop”) decided to buy out the brand and invest over 30 million Euros into a new state of the art pastificio (pasta factory) and mill. This transaction allowed the Coop to become 100% vertically integrated and have complete control over the entire production process: from the raw materials through production, sales and distribution.

The new San Clemente plant lies on an area of 100000 square meters and have a quite interesting potential. First of all, the indoor and outdoor areas, mostly because of the strategic position, guarantee the best services for the industrial activity.

The investment foresees a new pasta plant with a new mill, the Forlì- Cesena and Rimini farmers cooperative Rimini offices a cogeneration plant fuelled by vegetable oil made by sunflowerseeds and rapeseed to produce electricity.

The new plant will create a new agribusiness pole and will demonstrate that it is possible to create a new industry following the third Millennium green economy rules.